Premier League Team of the Season 2010-2011: Part 5: The Results.

So, over a month has passed since I started this series. Votes have been coming in daily, a large amount of fierce debate and discussion has ensued. So here, without further ado, is the moment you’ve all awaited with baited breath. I give you, (drum roll) the Premier League Team of the Season 2010-2011, as voted for by the readers of Boner’s Brain.

Here we go:


Edwin Van Der Sar.

Van Der Sar has already announced his intention to retire at the end of the season. What a season to go out. He has been the model of consistency, pulling off saves both spectacular and routine in every single game. He is quite simply the example that all other goalkeepers aspire to. He has kept 15 clean sheets in the league this season and is a huge reason why United have only conceded 35 league goals. (Only Chelsea have conceded less with 32.) In spite of playing for a club most of us hate, Van Der Sar polled 51% of the votes on my blog, 30% more than Pepe Reina in 2nd. He is a deserving winner and a man who is bowing out at the very top of his game.


Vincent Kompany:

An FA Cup winner and a defender who will be plying his trade in the Champions’ League next season. He has deservedly received many plaudits for his displays this season and has been central to Manchester City’s success. The rock at the heart of the team leading the way with the most clean sheets in the league (16). Kompany is a classy performer who topped the defenders’ poll with 17% of my readers’ votes. Carlos Tevez grabs the headlines for City but Kompany is every bit as important.

Nemanja Vidic:

Vidic was most people’s choice for PFA player of the year ahead of Gareth Bale. Well, most people apart from those that voted of course. With Rio Ferdinand unable to stay fit, Jonny Evans looking shaky and unreliable and Chris Smalling’s lack of experience Vidic’s importance to Manchester United cannot be over stated. He has been colossal. The statistics quoted above under the Edwin Van Der Sar paragraph owe just as much to Vidic as they do to the veteran Dutchman. Vidic pulled in 15% of the votes to take his place in our team of the season.

Leighton Baines:

Proof that my readers are concerned about more than just the big four can be found with the inclusion of Baines in this list. He is an excellent defender who is also good going forward.  Baines is a useful weapon at set pieces and an excellent crosser. Everton have found this season tough at times, but Baines has regularly shone. If he wasn’t vying with Ashley Cole for international recognition he would have a lot more caps to his name. He has actually attracted more of the readers’ votes on this blog than Cole, pulling in 13%. Rumours have already started to surface of a move to a “bigger” club. David Moyes will fight tooth and nail to keep him. Anyone who has seen him play this year will understand why.

Ashley Cole:

In spite of being bested by his international rival, Leighton Baines in our poll, Cole has also made the team. He’s polled 11% of the readers’ votes. Chelsea have been miserly this season conceding just 32 goals in the league and keeping 15 clean sheets. Cole has been the player we all expect him to be: Solid defensively and keen and willing to get forwards. Another fine season from the player fans love to hate.


Scott Parker:

The Football Writers’ Player of the Year has been unbelievable all season. Sadly for him, his efforts have ultimately proved to be in vain as West Ham’s relegation was confirmed. Parker is seemingly everywhere on the pitch, leading by example and dragging his team mates through games. He has been sensational. His form this season means he does not deserve to be in a side that is relegated; however you don’t always get what you deserve. Parker topped our midfield poll, probably the toughest category, with 20% of the votes. An acknowledgement of how brilliant he has been. What would have happened to West Ham without him probably doesn’t bear thinking about.   

Jack Wilshere:

Arsenal fans will inevitably spend the summer wondering and worrying about whether Cesc Fabregas will stay at the club. Whilst I wouldn’t dare claim they won’t miss him should he leave, having Jack Wilshere in their side would certainly make that situation more palatable. Wilshere has had a fantastic season, becoming a regular and a key part of Arsenal’s midfield. He scooped the PFA Young Player of the Year award and in truth; could have won the senior award too. Wilshere has also impressed enough to prompt Fabio Capello to say England’s future side should be built around him. A huge compliment. The rising Arsenal star accounted for 18% of the vote in the poll. An impressive year from the young man who has, I am sure, plenty more to come.


That Nani did not make the short list for the PFA award perhaps tells you something about his popularity amongst his peers. Popularity or otherwise should not detract from the performances he has turned in. Whilst Van Der Sar and Vidic have been instrumental in the defensive solidity that has helped United to the title, Nani has been central to their attacking ambitions. Nani has scored 9 league goals and has 18 assists to his name. Whatever you think of him, that is a massive contribution. Consequently he managed to take 10% of the vote in the poll. He is a villain to the rest of us; a hero to Manchester United.

Gareth Bale:

Yes, he made it in too. The PFA Player of the Year, the player some say wasn’t even Spurs’ best player, the man the media adore, collected 9% of your votes. He may have been massively over hyped by the media, but that is not his fault. Even with this in mind, he has still turned in a number of eye catching displays, scored a number of quality goals and is deserving of his place in this team. His peers thought he was the best player in the league, so he must have done something right!


Javier Hernandez:

13 league goals in 27 appearances have elevated Hernandez not only above Dimitar Berbatov in the pecking order at Manchester United, but also to the position of your best striker for 2010-2011. Hernadez got 21% of your votes. In truth, he has had a fantastic 2nd half of the season, and an average 1st half. However, his goals have been invaluable in Manchester United’s quest to pick up championship number 19. A large chunk of Hernandez’s goals have been of great significance, coming as they did in important games. Alex Ferguson looks to have unearthed a fine young player who will hope to repeat his excellent form of this season for many years to come.

Carlos Tevez:

19 goals and 6 assists are why Tevez is the main man at Eastlands. A terrific scoring record, a terrific record of creating goals for his team mates, all from a player playing in a team that is perceived to be negative and defensive. Manchester City have qualified for the Champions’ League for next season and have also won the FA Cup. Tevez’s goals have been of great importance in achieving these milestones. City are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming seasons. Tevez, who scooped 19% of the votes, will be vital to their transformation from potential threat to genuine challengers. Certainly if he continues in the sort of form he showed this season.


So there you have it: The team of the season, as voted for by you.

If we compare it to the actual PFA Team (listed below,) the differences are few: Scott Parker replaces Samir Nasri, Leighton Baines comes in for Bacary Sagna, and (not for the 1st time) Javier Hernandez replaces Dimitar Berbatov. Perhaps Bacary Sagna would have made it in had I included him in the nominations, we will never know. I also recognise that were this to be an actual team to take the field for a game, there is a little lack of balance due to having no right back in the back four. However, as this was only a hypothetical team, and as I asked you to vote for your four best defenders as opposed to the best back 4, it doesn’t really matter.

Boner’s Brain XI PFA XI
Edwin Van Der Sar Edwin Van Der Sar
Vincent Kompany Vincent Kompany
Nemanja Vidic Nemanja Vidic
Leighton Baines Bacary Sagna
Ashley Cole Ashley Cole
Scott Parker Samir Nasri
Jack Wilshere Jack Wilshere
Nani Nani
Gareth Bale Gareth Bale
Javier Hernandez Dimitar Berbatov
Carlos Tevez Carlos Tevez

The results would most likely have been different had I used a different formation for the team. As many have pointed out, 4-4-2 is not the choice of most teams these days. If I had gone with a 4-3-3 or a variation thereof, maybe some of the nearly men would have made it in. The reason, as I have stated previously, for using 4-4-2 is solely because that is what the PFA team uses. I didn’t feel it would have been an accurate comparison if I deviated from that.

So, we can conclude that, for the most part, the votes of professional footballers more or less mirror those of the average man on the street, save a couple of very slight differences. Hardly a ground breaking conclusion but it’s still been interesting. Well, I think so anyway!

Thank you to everyone who read these articles, to everyone who voted (the polls are closed now, but the results are there still for you to view should you feel so inclined), to everyone who commented and passed on the links to other people. I would love your comments and feedback below. Whether they are comments about the series as a whole, comments about the conclusion or anything else about this series that you feel you should share I’d love to have them. Thanks again for reading!



  1. BtB… glad to see the results have surfaced – a great in-depth write up across all the positions, so thanks!

    If you’re interested, we’ve just published our Team of the Season (here’s the link ). Feel free to have your say, although most likely ‘your say’ is here on this page!

    Thanks again, SB

  2. Thanks for reading SB. Glad you enjoyed the series, nice to know at least someone was reading!

    Am going to peruse your offerings now whilst i wait for the kick off of Super Duper Survival Shit or Bust Sunday on Sky.

  3. See how it compares to BBC Sports selection …

  4. WHERE IS KUYT????

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