Premier League Team of the Season 2010-2011: Part 1.


As the season nears its close, we are entering the period where awards are starting to be handed out. At the same ceremony where the PFA Player of the Year award is announced, so is the PFA Team of the Year. Whether or not I agree with the team that they pick, I am always intrigued by who gets selected. I have decided to see who the readers of my blog feel deserve to be included by running a series of polls to determine the team of the year. I have suggested players I feel are deserving of a mention, with a brief description of why. There is an option to suggest others, so if there is a clamour for a particular player I will be prepared to listen!

 Part one is the goalkeepers:


Edwin Van Der Sar:

Reports that the big Dutchman is calling it a day at the end of the season have Man United players and fans alike quite simply shitting themselves. It is understandable. Van Der Sar is consistency personified. He has been no more or no less spectacular this year than any other year, but then that’s because of the high standards he continues to set. Alex Ferguson used to talk about the points Peter Schmeichel gained United, I would have thought Van Der Sar has contributed his fair share too.



Pepe Reina:

Liverpool have had a tough season. Shorn of many of their supposed World Class stars, they still have the considerable talents of arguably the best goalkeeper in the league. Barring an early season howler against Arsenal, Reina has been flawless for Liverpool. It is no surprise that some of the bigger boys are casting admiring glances his way for the summer. Liverpool losing him would undoubtedly be a bigger blow than losing perhaps any other player in their ranks. He was deservedly their player of the year last year and his performances this year have been just as important to his team.


Joe Hart:

Hart has been given his chance as number 1 at City after an impressive loan spell at Birmingham previously. He has been excellent this year. So much so that on the rare occasions his form has dipped or he has made errors there has been a large amount of coverage around these lapses. That is as much to do with his standing as England’s current number 1 as it is to do with the high standards we now expect from him. An excellent season from a young keeper who will be at the top for years to come.

Ben Foster:

Left Man United in search of first team football. Maybe if he’d waited the season out he might be the heir apparent to the Van Der Sar throne. That said; he has earned rave reviews and lavish praise for his role in Birmingham’s season. As part of a defensive unit that often gets praised, Foster has had a number of outstanding games justifying his decision to join the club. Say it quietly, but there are some Birmingham fans who actually rate him more highly than they did Joe Hart during his stay. Praise indeed.

So there you have it. The contenders as I see them for the goalkeeper’s slot in the team of the year. Voting will remain open for a week, so don’t hesitate, vote now. Feel free to add your comments too, in case you want to state a firm case for your goalkeeper.

Next week: defenders.



  1. […] Premier League Team of the Season 2010-2011: Part 1. […]

  2. I also think Robert Green’s had a decent season. Rubbish team, tough World Cup and testing season yet he’s performed pretty well overall after a shaky start.
    Also, Petr Cech’s been solid yet again (he’s kept 13 clean sheets, only one fewer than Hart who has the most) but he suffers from being consistently excellent. Chelsea have had a poor season by their recent standards but he’s still performed well – certainly better than Reina.

  3. No real stand out keepers this year for me. Would probably have voted for vds if I wasn’t physically incapable of voting for a scum player for anything.

    Agree wth poster above that Green has had a good season although its sometimes easier to look impressive when you’re playing for a team at the bottom.

  4. I did consider both Green and Cech.

    For a number of years Cech has been quite simply top class. However in the games i have watched him in this season he has looked uncertain and shaky. A goalkeeper who previously just didn’t make mistakes has for me, looked like a mistake is only just around the corner. It is probably because of how excellent he has been previously that i have judged him so harshly, but for me, he looks a shadow of his former self.

    The reason for omitting Green is more or less the one Craig has highlighted. Often the goalkeepers that play for the struggling teams look outstanding because of the sheer amount of involvement they have. I can remember Russell Hoult at WBA, David Watson at Barnsley even Paul Gerrard at Oldham getting rave reviews for their performances. What happened to them? Law of averages, if you have 100 shots at you a game you are bound to make a few saves, and therefore bound to catch the eye. That’s not to say Green hasn’t done well, i just felt i didn’t want to skew my perception of his season because he is called on more than other keepers.

    It is just my opinion however so it doesn’t mean i’m right!

  5. Only option is van der Sar… light years ahead of everyone else this season.


  6. Sadly, as much as i hate United i can’t really argue with that.

  7. The poll on this is now closed. The results will be announced shortly.

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